The breast screening programme saves women’s lives from breast cancer. It’s been key to breast cancer survival rates doubling in the last 40 years.  

But it’s at breaking point.

Email your MP

Our recent petition, calling for greater investment in the breast screening programme reached 84,605 signatures. This was just short of the 100,000 signatures needed for it to be considered for a debate in parliament.  

But with your help, we can still make sure this vital issue is discussed by MPs. Please email your MP today and ask them to contact the Petitions Committee to call for a debate.

Help us secure a debate

Despite being one of the NHS’s biggest success stories, the screening programme is underfunded and overstretched. 

Over 1 million women missed out on breast screening last year and 6,736 women could be living with undiagnosed breast cancer in England. If nothing is done, 680 more women could die from the disease in the next decade. 

But we can still fix the breast screening programme. We just need the government and NHS England to act now. 

By emailing your MP, you can help us secure a debate in parliament. A debate will help us shine a spotlight on the issue and pressure the government to act. 
Will you take a minute to email to your MP?

Will you help show the government that when it comes to breast cancer, there’s no time to waste?