We currently have over 190 MPs who are Breast Cancer Now Ambassadors who are championing breast cancer issues in their constituencies and in Parliament. They are there to make sure the voices of breast cancer patients are heard at the highest levels.

The more MPs hear from local people, the more likely they are to take action – it only takes a moment and could make a huge difference.

Over 190 MPs are Breast Cancer Now Ambassadors

So far, our Breast Cancer Now Ambassadors have campaigned successfully to Keep Kadcyla, introduced a Bill to improve access to off-patent drugs, been active in the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Breast Cancer and attended various events in Parliament including our annual wear it pink photocall.

In the time I have been MP for Torfaen I have already met many constituents who have been affected by breast cancer and seen first-hand the impact it has had on their lives and on those of their family and friends. I want to know that I am doing all I can to support the work of Breast Cancer Now in fighting this devastating disease, which is why being a Breast Cancer Now Ambassador means so much to me.”

Nick Thomas-Symonds, MP for Torfaen and Breast Cancer Now Ambassador

Breast Cancer Now Ambassadors in the Welsh Assembly

We have also called on Welsh Assembly Members to become Breast Cancer Now Ambassadors - thanks to you, we now have over 20 Assembly Members who are committed to working with us. Find out whether your Assembly Members have pledged their support.

How to ask your MP to get involved

You can find your MP and their contact details on the www.Parliament.uk website by entering your postcode. The website will provide you with their email address.

You can copy and paste the pre-written text below to ask them to become a Breast Cancer Now ambassador:

I'm a supporter of Breast Cancer Now, the UK's largest breast cancer charity. They are dedicated to funding research into this devastating disease and believe that if we all act now, by 2050, everyone who develops breast cancer will live.

As your constituent, I'm contacting you to ask whether you would consider becoming a Breast Cancer Now Ambassador and agree to take action to do what you can to help put an end to women dying of this disease. 

As an Ambassador, Breast Cancer Now will support you to take action to help stop breast cancer and save lives. Activities could include: 

* Promoting breast cancer awareness and lifestyle messages in our area.
* Attending local or national fundraising events.
* Meeting people affected by breast cancer.
* Raising issues about breast cancer with our local health bodies or in Parliament.

Breast Cancer Now will also always be available to assist you with information about breast cancer and breast cancer services in our area.

Becoming an Ambassador is important because there's so much more we need to do to stop breast cancer taking the lives of the women we love. UK survival rates still lag behind the best in Europe and more women are being diagnosed than ever before.

If you would like to become an Ambassador you just need to email publicaffairs@breastcancernow.org to let them know.

I would very much appreciate your support. Please do let me know if you do decide to become an Ambassador.

Kind regards,


More information

Check out our guide to working with your MP or email campaigns@breastcancernow.org.

If you contact your MP please let us know how it goes!