A bucket collection is a simple, effective way to fundraise. Not only does it raise money for our life-changing support and world-class research, but it raises awareness about breast cancer too. Here’s some of our top tips:

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Tips for holding a bucket collection

  • Get permission: bucket collections might need approval from the council or police if your collection is on the high street or in a public area. Talk to them and see what you need to do – it’s usually the licensing department you need to speak to. If you’re raising money on private property, you’ll need to talk to the owner or manager instead – get your request in early, and make sure you have permission in writing too.
  • Venue: your local shops, at work, the theatre, football half-time – these are all great options for a bucket collection. Just try to pick a place where plenty of people will be passing through.
  • Fundraising materials: you’ll need buckets, stickers, Breast Cancer Now t-shirts and more. You could even get into fancy dress if you really want to stand out! Before you start, you’ll need a letter of authorisation from us. Don’t worry – just get in touch at community@breastcancernow.org or on 0207 025 2425 and we’ll get it sorted for you.
  • Get your friends involved: the more people you have collecting, the more money you can bring in to help us change the future of breast cancer. Check your permit to see how many people you’re allowed to have collecting.
  • On the day: when you’re collecting, don’t be afraid to make some noise! Have some key statistics about breast cancer ready or share details of our research projects and support services - these are all great conversation starters. If you’re a bit nervous, we can always write a few lines for you to use.
  • The legal bit: it’s crucial you read this information before you take to collecting. It’s here to keep you protected while you fundraise.

Before you get started...

Make sure to read the legal information on fundraisers, it contains lots of important information you’ll need to know before you set out on making your event a reality.

Remember you can always get in touch with us at community@breastcancernow.org if you want to talk about your plans. 

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