How it works

Free Wills Month means that we can offer a limited number of simple or mirror wills to be written or updated for free with participating solicitors. 

The campaign is open to individuals or couples aged 55 and over, and solicitors in ten cities across the UK are taking part in the campaign on behalf of Breast Cancer Now.

Find out whether solicitors in your area are part of the campaign on the Free Wills website .

Free Wills Month also allows you to provide for family and friends too. Those taking up the offer are under no obligation to leave a gift to Breast Cancer Now, however, any gift you decide to leave - no matter the size – is greatly appreciated and will make a real contribution to our vital work.

If your local area is not taking part in this campaign you can try the National Free Wills Network. Email us at with your postal address and we will send you more information.

Gifts in wills are increasingly important for the future of our research, and in bringing forward the day no family has to face a future without the woman they love because of breast cancer. With the continued support of people like you, who share our vision, we believe we can change the future for the better.

What happens during the appointment?

Your solicitor will help to draw up a simple or mirror will that respects your wishes while avoiding any potentially difficult decisions or legal complications.

They will ask some questions to understand your plans, so it helps to have thought about who you’d like to leave your belongings and home to. Also by updating your will, you can support the work of your chosen charity.

What could a gift in your will do for breast cancer research?

Our vision is that by 2050 every woman who develops breast cancer will live, and live well. By leaving a gift in your will, it could help to make our vision a reality. With your help, we could pay for the long-term research that will lead to new treatments and radical change and progress like never before. The way breast cancer is treated could be changed. Treatments could become more precise, less disruptive and can be made available faster.

Research is a long journey, and we need to have a steady stream of money over the decades so that when a discovery happens, not a moment is lost in taking advantage of it. After taking care of loved ones, some people leave £100, some leave £1,000, a few leave a house. Many leave 1% of anything left over after all their other gifts are made. Every gift makes a difference in the labs where our research happens.

Gwen's story

Breast cancer is a subject close to Gwen Taylor’s heart. Her mum and two aunts have all been diagnosed with the disease so writing a will was high on her agenda, so she took advantage of Free Wills Month. After ensuring her family were looked after, Gwen was keen to leave a donation to charity. Gwen chose to leave a gift in her will to Breast Cancer Now to help our life-saving research continue. 



“I decided to leave a gift to Breast Cancer Now when I went to write my will. Neither I nor my husband had a will and I realised that nothing was in place for our children should anything happen to us. I chose to leave a gift in my will and immediately asked for it to go to breast cancer research. My mother was first diagnosed with breast cancer when I was just 19. My maternal aunties have both had breast cancer, and I’ve had a few scares myself. So breast cancer is close to my heart.”


A gift in your will to Breast Cancer Now can bring forward the day no family has to face a future without the woman they love. Our scientists are now creating radical change and progress like never before, and gifts in wills can boost this momentum, so we reach this day faster.

Find out more

If you have any questions about leaving a gift in your will to Breast Cancer Now, or to request a copy of our information pack, which contains all you need to know to include a gift in your will to Breast Cancer Now, please get in touch with the gifts in wills team, by calling 0333 20 70 300 or emailing