Jessica started fundraising while still at school and her passion to support a cause close to her heart has contributed to her professional career. Read more about her top tips for fundraising.

Kids can fundraise too

"My fundraising journey began in 2008, shortly after my eldest cousin, Natasha, was diagnosed with breast cancer. I felt the best way to cope with the situation at my age (11 years old), was to raise money for a great charity that researched for prevention, early detection and diagnosis, treatment and secondary breast cancer.

Through setting up and running my first events this led me on to finding not just an interest but a true passion for charity work (events) and that is what guides my life and thoughts in my future and led me to studying Charity Development at the University of Chichester."

A couple of my pinkest fundraisers!

"wear it pink is a great excuse to go head to toe in pink. As a charity prefect in my sixth form at Bennett Memorial in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, I organised a formal wear it pink for our sixth form students and teachers.

"I also had a - ‘let your hair down’ version, and hosted a wear it pink party at my home with all food and drinks being pink! A good old cake-sale will never grow old, after all we all love a slice or two… or three. Doing a large cake-sale one year and a smaller one another year has always been a big hit.

"My best response was from auctioning larger cakes off in the staff room. As a keen baker, I wanted to attract a wide audience and so I hosted a bake-off between some of our teachers and hosted a cake decorating contest in our school library." 

My top tips to other fundraisers

"Fundraising is about raising money and creating a relaxed environment where people are informed and can relate to the cause:

  • Advertise and target your event - it’s not much use having the best event if no one turns up
  • Be flexible to what may occur, from the idea, to sending off the money, know what your goal is and your strategy of how to achieve it
  • Not a full on wedding speech, but let your event volunteers and attendees know why you are raising money, and how it will support the cause
  • Everyone likes to feel appreciated for the time they give so make sure you get in touch after your event to do so and to let them know how much you raised
  • Let everyone know how easy and important fundraising is so that they get involved

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Now: Don’t hold back from getting involved and don’t hold back from helping to prevent and cure breast cancer. It brings passion to the centre of all our fundraising whether we are volunteers or those working for the charity.

Good: You are joining together to be part of the celebration when scientists reach that final day of all their research. You are developing such rich skills from fundraising and connecting with people locally and nationally. You are part of something good and doing good."

Now is good

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You can be part of the generation that stops breast cancer. Every action, big or small, gets us a step closer. We’re the people who can make it happen – so let’s get started, now!

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