Looking to boost your fundraising total? Here’s our tried and tested added extras you can add into your fundraising day.

Gift Aid

Gift aid form

Gift Aid can add 25% on to donations from UK tax payers – making your fundraising worth more even more.

Leave a Gift Aid form next to your collection box and ask your guests to fill in their details as they donate.

Return the form in your freepost envelope, or mail to Breast Cancer Now, 5th Floor, Ibex House, 42-47 Minories, London, EC3N 1DY and we’ll do the rest.

Download our how to guide


Breast Cancer Now wrist bands

Let your guests show their support for Breast Cancer Now (suggested donation £1 each).

Our pins work fantastically for fetes or coffee mornings, and our wristbands are popular for non-uniform days at school.

Give us a call on 0333 20 70 300 if you’d like some of our pins or wristbands.


Raffle book

Raffles can be slotted into almost any fundraising event – between quiz rounds, at half-time, or a great addition to fetes.

Ask guests to donate items, or perhaps ask local businesses to donate prizes?

You can find advice about organising a raffle from the Gambling Commission.

How to organise a raffle


Sweepstake image

Include some fun and games in your fundraiser.

Our sweepstakes are a great little add-on to parties, cake sales, or office fundraisers.

Suggest everyone donates to play and gets a chance to win a share of the pot (the rest comes to us to help fund our research) or perhaps even a prize.

Download our pink sweepstake

Got any questions?

Give your fundraising team a call on 0333 20 70 300 or email us on community@breastcancernow.org if you have any questions about your fundraising day. We’re here to help.