Coping with bereavement can be frightening and distressing. It's also a very personal experience and everyone deals with the loss of a loved one differently. If you need some support, these services can help. 

Bereavement support

Bereavement support

Cruse Bereavement Care can offer support and lend a listening ear when you experience grief, or need support when you lose a loved one. Information for bereaved family and friends can be found on their website: Cruse Bereavement Care.

Stopping unwanted mail

Receiving post in the name of someone who has died can be distressing. Below you'll find links to organisations that can help stop unwanted mailings being sent to someone who has died.

Stopping charity mailings

Fundraising Preference Service.

Preventing post from new organisations

The Bereavement Register
The Mailing Preference Service

Stopping post from known organisations

To stop mail from known organisations, it works best to make direct contact them by post, email or phone. Let them know the person’s full name and postal address, advise them of the death and ask them to remove them from mailing lists.

Inform us of a recent bereavement

Please do let Breast Cancer Now know if you think your loved one might be on our database so that we can make sure we don't mail them in the future.

You can let us know by emailing or calling Nancy Everson on 020 7960 3508 with the person’s name and address.