Breast Cancer Now strives to be at the forefront of research into breast cancer. In a few short years, we have enabled vital drugs including Palbociclib and Ribociclib to be available for routine NHS use to help those who are living with breast cancer, whilst also funding research projects that will help those who are diagnosed and living with breast cancer now and in the future.

These projects range from The Generations Study - a study taking place over 40 years which is looking into the lifestyles of over 100,000 women to see what may cause increased risk of breast cancer - to work looking at the spread of breast cancer to other areas of the body and projects focussed on ensuring a good quality of life to those living with secondary breast cancer

Help us end breast cancer death

Breast Cancer Now is working tirelessly towards our goal to ensure that by 2050, everyone who develops breast cancer will live. With your support, you can be a part of this journey.

As a major giver to Breast Cancer Now, your partnership with us will mean you get to see our work first hand and further your understanding into how our research and work is saving lives.

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If you would like to be a major giver to Breast Cancer Now, please get in touch with our Philanthropy team by emailing or calling us on 020 7025 2475.