If we act now, by 2050, we can make sure everyone who develops breast cancer lives – and is supported to live well.

More people are surviving breast cancer than ever before. Thanks to our community of researchers, nurses, volunteers, campaigners and fundraisers we’re having a positive impact on hundreds of thousands of lives.

But we won’t turn our vision into a reality by chance. By becoming a community fundraising volunteer, you can help us meet our 2050 target. Every pound, every hour, every action will help us to get there.

By becoming a community fundraising volunteer you’ll be making a huge difference to the lives of people affected by breast cancer.

Two smiling women facing the camera and sitting at a cafe with Breast Cancer Now t-shirts.
Fundraising is my way of making a difference; it’s my way of helping to save lives and it’s my way of giving back to the charity that was my comfort blanket when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I do all sorts of fundraising, from gentle sponsored jogs, to getting my Soroptimists group to sell hand crafted items on Etsy. I love the family feel and support I get in my role. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking to make a real difference and who wants to feel part of something warm and special.

Emma Barker, a community fundraising volunteer from Leigh, Lancaster

Meet the Isle of Man fundraising group

We started fundraising way back in 1992 because we wanted to advance research into stopping the terrible disease, breast cancer. We fundraise by hosting coffee mornings, a New Year’s Day dip, Bra Dashes, open-air sleep outs, fashion shows, the list goes on! We’ve formed a fantastic friendship group and love to organise and plan as a team. We meet new people all the time and enjoy networking with local companies and organisations. To someone who’s thinking about joining or starting a group, we’d say do it! It’s fabulous, fun, friendly, and raises funds for a fantastic charity.

How your support could help

talk to our nurses

Our specialist nurses are a lifeline to so many

The support our specialist nurses give has never been needed more. Through our Helpline and Forum, our breast care nurses provide tailored information and specialist support to anyone affected by breast cancer and answer many queries about breast health too.

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Secondary breast cancer support and research

We’re committed to improving treatments, care, and services for people affected by incurable secondary breast cancer. People living with secondary breast cancer can access support today, through our tailored services. And our researchers are looking for ways to stop the disease spreading and to treat it more effectively, giving us hope for the future.

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Generations Study

The Breast Cancer Now Generations Study

There isn’t one cause of breast cancer. A combination of our genes, lifestyle and events throughout life all contribute to the likelihood of developing the disease. This study investigates all these factors that may change a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer, so that women could receive more accurate advice about the best risk-reducing steps they can take.

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