Meet Jen. She's 51, and a mother to two children.

When she was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in October 2017, she sat in shock, trying to absorb what she’d been told.

First of all, that her cancer had spread from her breast to other parts of her body, making it incurable. How was she supposed to tell her children?

Secondly, that there is a drug with less debilitating side effects than existing treatments, that had recently been developed for secondary breast cancer and could give her 16 months of extra time with her family. This drug is called Perjeta.

But she couldn’t have it. Just because she lived in Scotland.

We want everyone to access effective treatment

You might be surprised to learn that sometimes the most effective drugs for secondary breast cancer are not quickly made available on the NHS to those in need.

That’s why Breast Cancer Now works with politicians, decision makers and fantastic supporters like Jen, to ensure that effective treatments are made available to everyone who desperately needs them. A gift from you today could allow families precious extra time with their loved ones.

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Jen Hardy and Laurence holding a Perjeta Now sign

Perjeta Now 

At the time of Jen’s diagnosis, Perjeta was routinely available in England and Wales, on the NHS. But not in Scotland where Jen lived.

In early 2018, we started a petition to call on the Scottish government and pharmaceutical company, Roche, to make Perjeta routinely available in Scotland. With Jen’s help to secure more than 12,000 signatures on our petition, in January this year, Perjeta was finally made available for routine use on Scotland’s NHS.

Although sadly too late for Jen to get the drug herself, her efforts have helped hundreds like her in Scotland to get the drugs they need giving them precious extra time with their families.

With your help today, we could continue to power this work forwards, making sure that new breast cancer drugs developed by researchers are made available to those in need.