Professional development and revalidation

Network members are invited to participate in our programme of healthcare professional training, including access to a series of recorded training sessions. This training can contribute to professional development and support the NMC revalidation process. Other opportunities for revalidation include reviewing our patient information and providing support for our services, such as our Moving Forward courses.


You'll be able to help us improve the standard of care across the UK by joining one of our specialist nursing groups.

Nursing Network News

Published twice a year, this magazine is delivered exclusively to network members featuring news from the world of breast care; resource listings; professional development opportunities and examples of innovative practice from nurses working in the field.  

Monthly media round-ups 

Every month, we’ll email a selection of relevant breast cancer stories that have featured in the media so you are up to date with the headlines that your patients may be following in the news. This popular benefit saves you time and keeps you informed on what’s in the newspapers.

As a network member, I recently made use of a teleconference training session on fertility. The lunchtime teleconference seminars are a convenient way for me to access the training as all I have to do is dial in at work from my desk. The seminar is then made available to me online so that I can refer to it at a later date.

Lucy, Nursing Network member

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