1. Resources to support you
2. Resources to support your patients
3. Improving standards of care
4. Breast cancer in the UK 2024

1. Resources to support you

Healthcare Professional (HCP) Bulletin

Every month, members of our professional groups receive an email bulletin. It includes important news in breast cancer, training opportunities and other relevant updates. The bulletin can be used as evidence for your development and revalidation.

Specialised toolkits

Fertility toolkit

To help you initiate a discussion with younger women about their fertility preservation options and make a referral to a fertility clinic.

Access the toolkit

Secondary toolkit

A range of resources including the case for change, developing your personal knowledge and skills, and ideas for improving the care of those with secondary breast cancer. There are also case studies from nurses in current practice so you can see what others have achieved.

Access the toolkit

Development and revalidation opportunities

We have a variety of opportunities for healthcare professionals. Take part in a Facebook or Instagram Live, or speak at one of our webinars. You can also attend a webinar or contribute to our patient information. 

Find out more about revalidation opportunities

2. Resources to support your patients

Patient information

We publish a wide range of patient information covering topics from breast awareness, treating breast cancer, through to moving forward and information on treatment for secondary breast cancer. All our publications have been reviewed by clinical experts, and are free to order and download from our website.

You can find information on a number of topics:

Download and order all our publications online.

Accessible formats and other languages

If your patients need any information in an accessible format (Braille, large print or audio) please email health-info@breastcancernow.org

We also produce breast awareness information in a number of languages. Find information in other languages.  

Easy read resources

We have downloadable easy read resources on our website.

Access Fund

Our services are always free, thanks to our generous supporters. But we know that using one of our services might still cost money, such as fuel or train fares.  

We’re committed to supporting everyone affected by breast cancer to live well.  

So, if you have a patient who’s worried about the costs involved in using our services, we’re here. Ask them to email us at accessfund@breastcancernow.org, or they can call 0345 077 1893.  If it’s easier, you can do this for them. All we need is some brief information about their situation, and we’ll try our best to help in a safe and confidential way. We’ll get back to the patient in 2 working days.  

We do everything we can to make our services accessible. If someone is disabled, we have information about our reasonable adjustments on our website or we can share this over the phone. Ask them to get in touch if we can support further.  

Our support services

We offer expert, tailored and friendly support services to enhance and complement the care you provide. We’re here to listen, understand, care and help people from diagnosis, through treatment and after hospital-based treatment finishes. Our courses are both online and face-to-face.

Find out more about the services we offer

You can also order or download our new services leaflet, outlining our key support services available to people affected by breast cancer.

Moving Forward courses

Run in partnership with NHS hospitals, our award-winning Moving Forward courses are designed to help people get back to ‘normal’ after treatment for breast cancer. The course is open to people who have had a primary breast cancer diagnosis and have finished their hospital-based treatment.

Here for You

Our Here for You service provides you with a single point of referral for patients newly diagnosed with primary breast cancer.

On receipt of your referral, one of our trained and experienced volunteers will call your patient to introduce them to Breast Cancer Now and the information and services we offer – to support them at every stage in their breast cancer experience.

Complete our simple referral form

Access Fund

If there is a service you believe your patient would benefit from attending, but financially they may struggle getting there, our Access Fund team may be able to help. Email us at accessfund@breastcancernow.org, or call 0345 077 1893.

3. Improving standards of care

Standards of care for secondary breast cancer

To support the delivery of excellent patient care, we have developed pioneering standards of care for patients with secondary breast cancer. The standards aim to help healthcare professionals working in these fields.

Read our standards of care for secondary breast cancer.

Service Pledge

At Breast Cancer Now we are continuously working to improve breast cancer services allowing for better support to anyone affected by breast cancer. Our Service Pledge brings patients, healthcare professionals and Cancer Alliances together to work in partnership to design and deliver a concrete action plan of improvements, for everybody’s experience of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Clinical Expert Group (CEG)

Breast Cancer Now sits on the Breast Cancer Clinical Expert Group (CEG) and provides its secretariat. The Breast Cancer Clinical Expert Group is a multi-disciplinary group that brings together expert doctors, nurses, commissioners and patients from across England to advise the NHS in England on best practice for breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and care.


If there are resources you would like listed here, please let us know at nursingnetwork@breastcancernow.org

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4. Breast cancer in the UK 2024

Breast cancer remains one of the UK’s biggest health challenges. This document sets out the state of breast cancer in the UK today through up-to-date, UK-wide statistics. This resource is not meant as health information for people affected by breast cancer.

Breast cancer in the UK