Anyone can get breast cancer. Get to know your normal by checking your breasts regularly.

Touch your breasts 

Look for changes  

Check anything new or unusual with a GP

What's your normal?

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Check your breasts regularly

Your breasts can change throughout your life for many reasons – like the menopause, pregnancy and breastfeeding, or puberty. So, if you check them regularly, you’ll be able to spot any new or unusual changes that should be checked out by a GP.   

Anyone can get breast cancer

A young woman with long curly black hair wearing a light blue vest, checks her under arm breast area in the mirror

Support for younger women

2,300 women under 40 are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. Why not make a habit of checking by putting a reminder in your phone or diary?  

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Support for men

Did you know that men can get breast cancer too? Although it’s rare, 370 men are diagnosed each year. So, it’s important for men to be body aware.

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Ethnic communities hub

Women from ethnic minorities are less likely to be aware of the symptoms of breast cancer. We’re here to help you learn the signs to look out for.

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Watch: What's your normal?

Felt or seen anything unusual? If so, contact a GP and get it checked out.

Spread the word – Touch, Look, Check

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Public Health Talks

From breast cancer facts to knowing the signs and symptoms, our Public Health Talks cover the important information about breast cancer so you can raise awareness in your community.

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Learn what to look out for

There are many reasons why someone might not check their breasts but doing so could make all the difference. Get to know your breasts with some TLC - Touch, Look, Check.

Learn what to look for

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