PUBLISHED ON: 3 May 2019

There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes here at Breast Cancer Now. Here's what you probably didn't know about our campaigns animation.

Bonnie campaign animation

If you haven’t seen it already, you can watch the full animation here.

1.    It’s presented by the very wonderful Bonnie who you may remember as the face of the Keep Kadcyla campaign and one of our #55000Reasons campaigners. She narrated the animation while showing us how campaigning is open to everyone.

Reflecting on her experience being part of the animation, Bonnie says:

"I was immensely proud when I finally got to see the animation - not just for the part I played in it, but to see the amazing way it came out. But most of all I was proud to see all of our work over the past couple of years summed up in one place and to see just how much we'd achieved."

2.    Bonnie had to learn to move slooowly.

We used a sophisticated camera and lighting to get the best shots, but this meant the equipment needed time to refresh between each shot. As a result, we couldn’t take a lot of photos of Bonnie in a short amount of time and so Bonnie had to do her actions as if she were moving in slow motion!

"It was so much fun to film the animation!" Bonnie says. "I had such a fun day when I came up, even though it was very strange doing very slow waves or walks backwards and forwards over and over!"

3.    The purpose of the animation was to show what we can achieve together:

"I think it's such an effective and fun video but makes such a strong point about the power of acting together and how individuals can really make a difference," says Bonnie.

We survey people who do our campaigning once a year, and the thoughts you shared as part of that fed into the development of the animation. You told us you’re more likely to take part in campaigns when we explain how your actions will make a difference and we make it clear how we have made a difference in the past.

4.    We had to cut down the number of achievements we could include. Together we’ve achieved so much in the last few years we had to cut the video down because it was too long! We’d wanted to tell you about the record-breaking number of MPs who attend our wear it pink photocall in Parliament each year. Don’t worry though, we’ve compiled the photos we were going to use (with our Public Affairs Officer Ailar kindly playing an MP) for the gif below.

Pretending to be an MP gif

5.    You can become a campaigner too: If you’re inspired by our campaigns animation, please don’t forget to sign up to our campaigners’ list to hear about how you can help us push for better services for breast cancer patients.


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