Whether you’re a runner, walker, pro baker or quiz master - now is good to pick a challenge and help fund life-saving breast cancer research.

Ever thought about raising money to help us fund vital breast-cancer research? Well, now is good.

With around 55,000 women and men hearing the words ‘it’s breast cancer’ every year, research has never been more important. It will help us to find new ways to prevent, detect, treat and save lives from breast cancer, saving so many families and friends from the devastation and heartbreak that this disease can bring.

So act now – go all out and make a new year’s resolution to save lives and raise money for breast cancer research.

Take on a challenge

Cycle, walk, run or get muddy for the women and men who will experience a breast cancer diagnosis this year.

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Go all out, dress up, boogie down, pick up your wooden spoon in one hand and a mixing bowl in the other and raise money to fund life-saving research.

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Meet our supporters

They're making life-saving breast cancer research happen, and helping us reach our aim that by 2050, everybody who develops breast cancer will live – and live well.

Kelly is #TeamNow

Kelly on her run

The best thing was finishing the London Landmarks and seeing my friend Gemma.

Gemma was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017, and was standing at the end with her mum and sister, and my parents and sister, in tears, telling me how proud they were! I was in floods of tears myself, overcome with the emotion of the day and the achievement.

I have never been a runner and it isn’t about speed or time, it is about doing something amazing for a wonderful cause to help people who are fighting the toughest battle of their lives – for me, a couple of hours of sore feet was a small price to pay to try and make a difference.

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Emma is part of the pink wig movement

supporters in pink wigs

Pink wig started as a group of friends going out to wish our friend Sally well following her breast cancer diagnosis. For a bit of fun, we decided to wear a pink wig. As we were going through town, people tried to give us money as they thought we were collecting for a charity.

So next year, when Sally’s treatment had finished we did the same again – but this time we collected for Breast Cancer Now and raised £1000! I think pink wig works well as we give the ladies a great night out whilst raising money.

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