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Hair loss tips for all seasons

Living in a country with a changeable climate can be a challenge if you have hair loss. We have some tips whatever the weather.

Living in a country with a changeable climate can be a challenge if you have hair loss. 

Keeping your scalp comfortable whatever the weather

In winter you’ll probably want to protect your scalp from the cold and keep it warm. But moving into summer you’ll be thinking more about keeping your head cool and protected from the sun.

Losing your hair through chemotherapy can leave your scalp sore, itchy or tender and make wearing headwear uncomfortable.

It can help to wash your scalp daily using a gentle shampoo or facial wash. This removes oils and sweat from the skin that are naturally produced on the scalp. If you have very sensitive skin you may like to try products that are perfume-free or a product specifically designed for sensitive skin.
Using a moisturising lotion can also make your scalp feel more comfortable, as long as you let it settle into your scalp before you put on your wig or headwear. 
Thinking about scalp care for the summer months will involve adding in sunscreen or headwear to protect your scalp from the sun. The sun can penetrate some fabrics so wearing sunscreen as well as headwear will give the most protection. 

Cancer Hair Care has some really useful tips for keeping your scalp in good condition as well as great general tips on hair loss.

Choosing headwear

Feeling comfortable with how your headwear looks and feels is important. It needs to be practical, but also something that you feel confident wearing. 
A good starting place might be a cotton or bamboo undercap that’s soft on your scalp and can be really comfortable to wear under hats, scarves and wigs. Bamboo is hypoallergenic so perfect for people who experience allergic reactions to other natural fibres like wool. Unlike many other fabrics, bamboo is extremely breathable. This means it keeps you cooler in the heat and warmer in the cold, it is ideal for changeable weather. It can also filter out 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.
Choosing what headwear you use will be something that’s personal to you. There are lots of companies that specialise in headwear for people experiencing hair loss. These have been specially designed to help cover your scalp and hairline. Or you may already have a favourite hat or scarf in mind. There are some suggestions below to help you choose the right headwear for you. 
• Many people choose to wear a wig because it’s important to them to have as little change to their appearance as possible. My New Hair offers a wig styling service that can really help you to get a style that suits you.
• Combine different headwear. A turban or headscarf would work with a fringe wig.
• Try interesting hairclips or brooches attached to a headband for something a little different.
• Don’t be afraid to try something new.

Covering your neck

Image courtesy of Chemo Headwear

The nape of the neck can be vulnerable to the elements until hair grows back, so it’s important to keep it well covered especially in the summer. Sunscreen is a must.

You can place a long scarf on the head and tie at the back with a single knot to keep the nape of the neck covered.

Shopping online

Finding something that suits you and fits in with your lifestyle can be challenging, this is where online shopping can be really useful.
Etsy has a wide range of headwear at all price points including hair turbans, hats and comfortable hair pieces in different colours and styles. Hair turbans come in a wide variety of designs suitable for daytime and dressier styles for night-time. Chemo Headwear and Suburban Turban have great ranges to choose from.
Browse the list of headwear suppliers on our website, or you can see what works for other people on our Forum.

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