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Louise shares her future moment in the Gallery of Hope, a photography exhibition made in collaboration with people living with incurable secondary breast cancer.

IA image of their future moment
AI image of Louise's future moment, captured by Jillian Edelstein

It’s the 29th of November 2025 and I’m celebrating my 60th birthday by performing a solo rendition from the "Kingdom of the Sweets" from 'The Nutcracker'. I’m on stage at the annual Chelsea Ballet performance, my husband Barry watching on.

Louise lives in London with her husband Barry, whom she married in 1994. She has spent her whole life around the performing arts. Her journey began at the Chelsea Ballet School, founded by her mother in the late 60s. As well as being a keen and accomplished ballet dancer, Louise has played various roles in the theatrical realm, both on and off stage. She also toured pantomimes to children across the UK who wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to live performances. 

In 2022, Louise was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer, which also coincided with 2 broken bones after a fall on stage. Though the broken bones have healed, her cancer treatment is ongoing, all in the hope of one day getting her back to performing. 

Louise's story

What research are we doing into secondary breast cancer?

Secondary breast cancer occurs when breast cancer cells spread from the first (primary) breast cancer in the breast, through the lymphatic or blood system, to other parts of the body. 

Our researchers are here working to buy more time for people with secondary breast cancer. 

What we’re doing

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