PUBLISHED ON: 13 May 2019

Rachel was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2018, and took part in a Pink Ribbon Walk to give her something to focus on during her treatment.

Rachel and her nieces

I never in a million years thought that breast cancer would happen to me. I ate healthily, kept fit, and had never previously been ill.

I think it goes to show that cancer can happen to anyone. I had really down days when all I did was worry about my young daughters and wonder if I might not see them grow up. Other days I just got on with it – I have very supporting family and friends who kept me occupied. 

I felt a mixture of emotions after my treatment finished. I was optimistic that things would go back to normal, but scared when I realised that breast cancer is never really ‘over’. It stays with you. Keeping busy and active helped me not to dwell on these things. 

When I started chemotherapy treatment, I needed something to work towards. I love Blenheim Palace and a Pink Ribbon Walk seemed like the perfect way to focus my energy into something positive. 

Breast Cancer Care were there for me for my darkest days – the online forum and website were really useful. It felt great to support them. 

Last year the Pink Ribbon Walk was brilliant. 20 of us all walked together and raised over £10,000. We all felt such a buzz and it was an uplifting day. I can’t wait to do it again this year, and walk around the beautiful grounds of Blenheim whilst being part of something really special and meaningful.

Join Rachel and her friends on a Pink Ribbon Walk in association with Skechers to show your support for everyone affected by breast cancer.

Pink Ribbon Walks