PUBLISHED ON: 17 June 2019

Victoria and her sisters are hosting an Afternoon Tea in memory of their mum.

Victoria, her sisters and her mum

Mum was first diagnosed when she was 32. I was 8 and my sisters just 3 and 7. We didn't really know very much about cancer, but we thought it was something to be scared of.

Fortunately Mum made every effort to show us we shouldn't be scared. She was so brave and treated it like just another part of life. With three small children to manage, as well as working and managing her treatment, it left Mum very busy and I think she was often overwhelmed.

When she was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer I was in my early teens. My sisters and I  went with her to all her appointments, studied for GCSEs and A Levels in waiting rooms and cared for her when she was unwell after chemotherapy. We're all so incredibly close now.

Mum was always talking about how being diagnosed so young was challenging, from being on wards without anyone her own age to finding support and advice around things like wigs and eyebrows!

She held lots of afternoon tea fundraisers as she was quite a keen baker and always said she wanted to give back to the people who kept her going. Shortly after she died last year, I received a Breast Cancer Care fundraising pack that she had ordered herself.  I immediately contacted my sisters and we agreed we absolutely had to do an event in her name.

We all felt so proud of her, that one of her final acts was of such kindness, it really sums up what kind of person she was, always thinking about other people.

A cup of tea, a friendly chat and a bit of homemade cake were my mum’s signature things. So this July, we’ll be hosting an Afternoon Tea to mark one year since she passed away. We’ll reconnect with her friends and family and reminisce about this most amazing woman. There will be lots of cake to look forward to too!

Be part of something exciting this July. Join us for an Afternoon Tea and help support people with breast cancer.

Afternoon Tea