PUBLISHED ON: 31 October 2019

Rona was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2014. 18 months later, her husband was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She wrote a poem whilst waiting for her husband's last oncology appointment that captures the many emotions you feel at the end of treatment.

Rona and her husband

Men, women, young and old,

Sitting, waiting, to be told. Reading papers, on their phones
Receptionists listen to all their moans

Nervous breathing the telltale sign,
praying in the hope that all is fine.
brave faces , despite butterflies
But the Truth can be seen, deep in their eyes.

When they say you have cancer that's just the start.
The symptoms and emotions will break your heart.

People say 'be positive,' 'brave,' 'it could be worse, anyway we all end up in a hearse'
But alas maintaining the mask can be a daunting task

Then if your lucky treatment ends 'your in remission'
Back to Google for that definition
Then a sigh of relief
But is it going to be lengthy or brief?

The treatment has worked at least for now
But the effects the treatment we don't know how

Time to move on and live life to the max
But will it return and stop us in our tracks?

Writing can be a therapeutic way of expressing your feelings about your breast cancer diagnosis. If you're unsure about where to start, or haven't had any writing experience, our guide may help.

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