PUBLISHED ON: 17 December 2019

Donna is currently undergoing treatment for secondary breast cancer, but she hasn’t let her diagnosis get in the way of her keeping active.

donna holding a breast cancer now flyer

I felt the need to give back

I was absolutely devastated when I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer so soon after my primary treatment had finished. It’s affected so much, including my ability to work as a driving instructor due to risk of infection and possible further bone fractures.

When you initially hear the words 'it’s breast cancer', it’s just devastating, and you inevitably have so many questions - it’s really hard to resist the urge to just Google everything. Throughout both my primary and secondary diagnosis I found great comfort in Breast Cancer Now’s services – both practically for information, but also as emotional support.

I felt I needed to give back, whether it be through fundraising or campaigning. Most recently I took part in the Cardiff Half Marathon, an event I signed up for before my secondary breast cancer diagnosis, and it was a great day. These challenges keep me active and positive and it makes me feel proud of what I have and can achieve.


If, you're interested in helping to fundraise while staying active, there a lots of ways you can get involved with Breast Cancer Now. 

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