Close up of a microscope

We report from the largest breast cancer conference in the world, the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, which happened online in December 2020. 

6 January 2021 Breast Cancer Now

A male researcher using a pipette

Scientists have discovered a molecular link between obesity and breast cancer, and identified a treatment that could help to prevent breast cancer developing.

10 December 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Nick Orr with his research team, all in lab coats

We’ve worked hard to press play on breast cancer research this year, making sure vital breakthroughs don’t stop.

9 December 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Molecular clock diagram

Researchers have developed a ‘molecular clock’ blood test that can track the growth of multiple tumours around the body to help identify the most actively growing tumours and guide treatment.

27 November 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Cristina Branco and her team

A study funded by Breast Cancer Now has identified a protein that affects the blood vessels in the lungs.

6 November 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Researcher Clare Isacke and her team

In a study, funded by Breast Cancer Now, researchers found a gene that may help breast cancer spread to the brain.

9 October 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Understanding the genetics of male breast cancer

Scientists largely funded by Breast Cancer Now have discovered three new genetic changes that increase the risk of breast cancer in men, furthering our understanding of this form of the disease.

12 August 2020 Breast Cancer Now

Professor Rob Clarke

We hear from Professor Rob Clarke, a Breast Cancer Now researcher based at the University of Manchester. He shares how the work in his lab restarted after over a three-month closure due to COVID-19.

28 July 2020 Breast Cancer Now

two female researchers sitting at a desk in a laboratory

Study has suggested that immunotherapy could be effective against some cancers with changes in BRCA genes that become resistant to treatment.

22 July 2020 Breast Cancer Now