Woman having a coronavirus jab

We answer some common questions about the current COVID-19 vaccines and breast cancer.

11 March 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Jane Devonshire after she won MasterChef

Jane was initially diagnosed with breast cancer 14 years ago, then found out she had secondary breast cancer in 2012. She tells us about the sorts of things that help her, as well as how she supports Breast Cancer Now.

1 June 2021 Personal story

A man and a woman dressed in pink point to a table of Breast Cancer Now supporters, also in pink, as they raise money on a golf course

Every year, Gourock golf club hosts a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Now – and it's always a huge success! 

31 May 2021 Personal story

Amanda, an older white woman with short grey hair, sits with a student as part of her volunteering role

Amanda, a retired radiographer who sadly lost her daughter to breast cancer, has been volunteering with university students to share her knowledge and experiences.

28 May 2021 Personal story

Karen, a white woman with brown hair, smiles for the camera

It’s National Volunteers’ Week and today we want to shine a spotlight on Karen, one of our incredible Media Volunteers.

28 May 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Nina, a slim biracial woman with big curly hair, smiles broadly for the camera

When Nina was treated for triple negative breast cancer, she experienced side effects that completely changed how she looked and felt. 

27 May 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Sue, an Asian woman with long grey hair, smiles while wearing a beautiful pink top and pearl earrings

When Sue was initially diagnosed with secondary (metastatic) breast cancer, she was told she may only have a year to live. Five years on, she is still able to enjoy an active lifestyle. 

26 May 2021 Personal story

Kendra, a Caribbean woman, smiles for the camera

Kendra found her diagnosis difficult to deal with, especially when everyone around her struggled to talk about it. 

26 May 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Sacha, a young woman with long dark blonde hair, poses for the camera.

When Sacha was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, she felt isolated. Through social media, she was able to find support – and now hopes to support others. 

25 May 2021 Personal story

two female researchers sitting at a desk in a laboratory

This week, we're taking a quick peek into the research side of things with our Research Communications Officer, Edd.

20 May 2021 Breast Cancer Now