Woman having a coronavirus jab

We answer some common questions about the current COVID-19 vaccines and breast cancer treatments.

11 March 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Claire sits on her sofa wearing pink pyjamas with white polka dots and pink hearts

When Claire first noticed some small changes to her breast, she wasn’t sure whether to get them checked. Now, she realises the decision may have saved her life.

11 November 2021 Personal story

Two greyscale images of Esther, a white woman with cropped hair. In the pictures, we see her bare chest. She has had a mastectomy without reconstruction.

In 2013, Esther had a mastectomy to treat primary breast cancer. Following a secondary (metastatic) breast cancer diagnosis earlier this year, she is sharing her pictures to raise awareness and encourage self-checking.

11 November 2021 Personal story

Tony, an older white man with white hair, smiles while outside in the sunshine

When Tony was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years after his sister, he noticed some differences between their experiences. Since then, he has been trying to spread the word about male breast cancer. 

11 November 2021 Personal story

Fiona, a white woman with short, black hair and a broad smile, sits in an outdoor setting wearing a white top

Les’s wife, Fiona, died of secondary breast cancer in 2019. He shares some powerful and moving thoughts about her passing, how he is celebrating her memory, and the incredible life they shared. 

10 November 2021 Personal story

Lorraine, a Black woman with short, curly hair, smiles widely while holding a pink mug covered in hearts

Lorraine’s initial breast cancer symptoms were not what she expected, so she didn’t see her doctor. When she was eventually diagnosed, she worried it was too late for treatment. 

10 November 2021 Personal story

A professional shot of Cassie, a white woman with short brown hair. In the picture, she is wearing glamorous makeup, and is can be seen from the shoulders up surrounded by a pink background and rose petaks.

When Cassie got breast cancer in her thirties, it changed the way she saw herself. She talked to us about the ways she’s helping herself and others regain confidence. 

8 November 2021 Personal story

woman receiving chemotherapy

An update on the ways in which we are committed to improving standards for people living with breast cancer in Northern Ireland. 

7 November 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Judi, a white woman with shoulder-length blonde hair and dark eyes, smiles while wearing a white floral shirt

When Judi found out she had breast cancer in January 2021, she worried about navigating treatment alone. More than anything, she needed to find people who understood what she was going through. 

5 November 2021 Personal story

Delyth Morgan, Breast Cancer Now CEO, speaks in the House of Commons

Last week, Breast Cancer Now was invited to give evidence to the Health and Social Care Select Committee’s inquiry on cancer services.

5 November 2021 Breast Cancer Now