Rhianwen, who was diagnosed with breast cancer this year

Rhianwen was diagnosed with breast cancer this year. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, her treatment has been affected. Here is how she is coping.

5 May 2020 Personal story

Helen was a model in The Show

Helen hopes that her appearance on the catwalk in October will inspire others who have been affected by breast cancer.

11 September 2014 Personal story

You’ll probably know fruit flies as the small flying pests that feed and live on your decomposing leftovers in the bin or compost pile. But you might be surprised to hear that this little insect has also saved numerous human lives. This isn’t because having them around gives us any kind of health benefit, but because they are an excellent tool for medical research.

9 September 2014

It can be a great relief when you come to the end of treatment for breast cancer, but we know that it may also be a time when the legacy of everything you’ve been through suddenly catches up with you. This can feel overwhelming.

9 September 2014 Breast Cancer Now

Thank you so much to everyone at the Northwood House Estate and Happy Daze for making this possible!

The Isle of Wight Pink is looking good. We had a busy time on the island decorating trees, chalk spray painting, putting up banners, and battling the wind on Yarmouth Pier while tying ribbons to the lampposts!

Some fantastic supporters also decorated the Umbrella Tree in East Cowes as a joint celebration; the tree is 100 years old this year.

5 September 2014

Bra illustration

Finding the right bra after surgery can be difficult sometimes. To support women in this situation and build their confidence with practical information, we run regular free Lingerie Evenings at high street venues nationwide.

4 September 2014 Breast Cancer Now

Dr Arran Turnbull is a post-doctoral researcher at the Breakthrough Edinburgh Research Programme at the Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre. Arran has worked there since January 2013, where his research aims to better understand how to detect and predict the development of treatment resistance in ER-positive breast cancer.

What is the focus of your research?

3 September 2014

We’ve had news today that NHS England and the government are taking steps to make the Cancer Drugs Fund more sustainable and operate smarter. This includes an additional £80 million per year being added to the fund, taking some drugs off the fund, negotiating with pharmaceutical companies to link price more closely to effectiveness and using data from the drugs funded to inform the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence's decisions in the future.

28 August 2014

There’s been media coverage today (Thursday 28 August) of research that suggests many people with cancer who are clinically depressed aren't getting the treatment they need.

28 August 2014 Breast Cancer Now

Pill bottle illustration

NHS England has announced (Thursday 28 August) that the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) is to get an additional £160 million in funding over the next two years.

28 August 2014 Breast Cancer Now