Woman having a coronavirus jab

We answer some common questions about the current COVID-19 vaccines and breast cancer treatments.

11 March 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Jennifer, a Black woman with natural hair, sits for the camera while wearing a white jumper

Jennifer struggled when she was diagnosed with secondary (metastatic) breast cancer, but has worked hard to change her attitude and to advocate for others who may not realise their breast cancer risk. 

4 August 2021 Personal story

A split image - first, showing Vicks, a white woman, with a shaved head and a wonder woman headband. In the next image she is smiling with her daughter, Poppy.

Vicks' diagnosis was a shock, and she found it difficult to manage treatment on top of being a single mum and starting a new job. Thankfully, she found support online.

2 August 2021 Personal story

A split image - first, showing Jacqui posing at a football stadium in a leopard print top, then smiling with her friend, Emma

Jacqui was diagnosed with cancer in June 2019. Within the space of a year, she lost two friends and her dog to cancer, had to close her business, and was alone for months during lockdown. This is the first part of her story. 

1 August 2021 Personal story

Jen, a white woman with mid-length blonde hair and round glasses, smiles in a field of daffodils while wearing a yellow hoodie

In 2017, Jen received a de novo diagnosis of secondary breast cancer after experiencing some unusual symptoms. She tells us about the misconceptions she had about cancer, and how she's working with Breast Cancer Now to campaign for change.

29 July 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Dawn, a white woman with cropped brown hair, smiles with her daughter, Eve, who has long blonde hair and a colourful scarf. They are enjoying the sunny countryside.

When Dawn was diagnosed with breast cancer, she worried about how her young daughter, Eve, might react.

28 July 2021 Personal story

Sania and Asad, a young couple, smile for the camera

Asad and Sania were not yet married when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. He tells us how their future suddenly felt uncertain, and why Sania’s treatment brought them closer together. 

28 July 2021 Personal story

Aliya, who has pale brown skin and brown eyes, smiles while wearing a blue hat

Aliya experienced a long delay when seeking help for her secondary breast cancer symptoms. She hopes her story can help both doctors and patients recognise the potential signs of secondary breast cancer. 

27 July 2021 Personal story

Lucy, a white woman with short brown hair, takes a smiling selfie while getting chemotherapy treatment

Last year, Lucy experienced a recurrence just four years after first being diagnosed at age 28. She tells us about how she's managing treatment, being open with her young daughter, and being optimistic about the future.

22 July 2021 Personal story

Medina and Nadia pose together at Medina's graduation

Medina’s sister, Nadia, found out she had breast cancer when she was just 23. She tells us how scary it was to see her younger sibling go through treatment, and how she did her best to help. 

22 July 2021 Personal story