Woman having a coronavirus jab

We answer some common questions about the current COVID-19 vaccines and breast cancer treatments.

11 March 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Joanne, a white woman with very short red hair, smiles widely. This photo was taken on the day of her mastectomy surgery.

Joanne is currently in treatment after receiving a second breast cancer diagnosis. She reflects on the resources she found helpful after her first diagnosis, especially those she used after her treatment finished. 

22 February 2022 Personal story

Lynsey, a young white woman, wears a cold cap and sits in a chemotherapy chair

When Lynsey found a lump on her breast in January 2021, she thought it was just a cyst. Thankfully, she still went to the GP – but her treatment wasn’t as straightforward as she’d hoped. 

18 February 2022 Personal story

Angela smiling by the coast

During her recovery from breast cancer treatment, Angela decided to write Rebel Boob, a show about the real-life experiences of women with breast cancer. 

18 February 2022 Personal story

Jane, a white woman with bobbed brown hair, smiles while wearing a smart black jacket and shiny top

Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer after months of going back and forth for tests. She reflects on which parts of treatment she expected - and the parts she didn't.

17 February 2022 Breast Cancer Now

A researcher is shown from the shoulders down. They are wearing a white lab coat and gloves, and are handling samples at a desk.

Researchers based at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland have discovered changes in secondary breast cancer that has spread to the brain, which could make the disease vulnerable to drugs called PARP inhibitors.

16 February 2022 Breast Cancer Now

A split image, first showing Tracy - her head totally shaved - smiling with a friend. In the second image, she has a reverse mohawk and is posing with her tongue out and her hands showing the 'rock on' sign.

Tracy recently took part in the SWEET project, which hopes to build a new platform of resources for women undergoing long-term hormone therapy after breast cancer. 

16 February 2022 Personal story

Time for Trodelvy: Thank you

Last July, we launched our Time For Trodelvy campaign to ensure that all eligible patients could access Trodelvy, an exciting new drug that could give certain women living with triple negative secondary breast cancer the hope of more time.

14 February 2022

Clare, a white woman with a shaved head, is smiling. She is wearing a pink shirt with black dots.

When Clare was told she had breast cancer and needed a mastectomy, she expected to be upset by it. After approaching her treatment with positivity, however, she now feels better than she ever did before. 

14 February 2022 Personal story

Touch, Look, Check infographic

The most romantic day of the year isn’t just about chocolate and roses – it's also a good opportunity to show some self-love by looking out for your breast health.

11 February 2022 Breast Cancer Now