Woman having a coronavirus jab

We answer some common questions about the current COVID-19 vaccines and breast cancer treatments.

11 March 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Thanks to research, we now know more about triple negative breast cancer and are finding kinder and smarter ways to treat it.

7 July 2021 Breast Cancer Now

A split image of Esther, a white woman in her 40s - first, in hospital having chemotherapy, and then sharing a hug with her mum

Esther was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in October 2020. She is still in active treatment, but she’s found a way to focus on the positives. 

5 July 2021 Personal story

Close up of a microscope

The Catalyst Programme encompasses a number of research projects, all aiming to find preventions, treatments and cures for breast cancer. In this episode, we take a closer look into four of them.

1 July 2021 Breast Cancer Now

The houses of parliament viewed from the river thames

The Policy and Campaigns team, alongside four amazing supporters living with secondary breast cancer, met with the Labour shadow health team last week for a roundtable event. 

30 June 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Julie, a young white woman, takes a break during her run. She is wearing a Breast Cancer Now top.

Julie was diagnosed with breast cancer in the midst of the pandemic, and took on the 100k challenge while having treatment. 

30 June 2021 Personal story

A scientist wearing a lab coat and latex gloves is seen from behind as they mix a solution in a beaker

Explore some of the genes and proteins our scientists study and how this knowledge can lead to new treatments.

30 June 2021 Breast Cancer Now

Angela, a slim older woman with cropped hair and a smart dress, stands with her hand on her hip.

Angela was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1989. Since then, she has done what she can to help others with a diagnosis. 

28 June 2021 Personal story

Four golfers, all dressed in pink, stand together

Every year, Turnhouse Golf Club hosts a special event to raise money for Breast Cancer Now - and it's always a smashing success!

24 June 2021 Personal story

Abi, a smiley woman with a shaved head and a summer tan, poses in front of the flowers in her garden

Abi was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in 2019 after losing both her mum and grandmother to the disease. She tells us how it has changed her life, and how she is helping others with breast cancer.

24 June 2021 Breast Cancer Now