Woman having a coronavirus jab

We answer some common questions about the current COVID-19 vaccines and breast cancer treatments.

11 March 2021 Breast Cancer Now

A group taking on the Ben Nevis challenge

We’ve noticed that the Ben Nevis Challenge is becoming more and more popular for groups of friends family and colleagues so we got in touch with some of them to find out why.

25 February 2013 Breast Cancer Now

We think it’s really important to use people in our publications and on our website who have experienced breast cancer.

Their images alongside quotes from people who have been there give our resources warmth and honesty. They also mean we’re reflecting the people who use our services.

18 February 2013 Breast Cancer Now

We discuss the My Cancer Treatment website and how it may be able to help you. 

15 February 2013 Breast Cancer Now

Many people find that diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer puts their relationships under a great deal of strain.

14 February 2013 Breast Cancer Now


On Monday and Tuesday we held a Twitter competition in partnership with Interflora to win a bouquet of roses for a loved one. We asked people to tell us who'd been there with them through thick and thin. Here is a collection of some of our favourite tweets:

13 February 2013 Breast Cancer Now

To celebrate the news that Interflora's decided to support us again in 2013 we're offering you a chance to win a beautiful bunch of red roses for your loved one this St Valentine's Day.

11 February 2013 Breast Cancer Now

For working parents half term means thinking ahead about childcare. But a diagnosis of breast cancer doesn’t usually leave a lot of time for forward planning.

6 February 2013 Breast Cancer Now

Ben Nevis fundraisers

In anticipation of our Ben Nevis Challenge in September when we’ll be walking up Britain’s highest mountain with 150 Breast Cancer Care supporters we’ve been digging out some facts about this majestic mountain.

4 February 2013 Breast Cancer Now

Today is World Cancer Day and in 2013 the annual awareness campaign is focusing on myth-busting.

At Breast Cancer Care we know that one of the myths people with breast cancer often come up against is the expectation that as soon as their hospital treatment is over they’ll be ‘back to normal’.

4 February 2013 Breast Cancer Now