Research round-up

We look at three projects we’re funding to help improve the lives of women with breast cancer.

Personal story | 19 September 2019

collection of words used to describe breast cancer

Words that are often used to describe cancer such as ‘battling’ or ‘survivor’ can divide opinion among people who’ve been diagnosed.​ We ask Vita readers their opinions.

Breast Cancer Now | 29 January 2016

Last week, I attended the funeral of a friend who died of breast cancer at the age of 44. I admired her greatly for her determination never to be defined by her illness, and be a person not a statistic. Diagnosed in 2008 with secondary breast cancer that has spread to my liver and bones, that’s how I try to live my life too.

| 28 January 2016

Liz O’Riordan, real lives

Consultant breast surgeon Liz O’Riordan was used to treating women with breast cancer, but her own diagnosis in 2015 came as a shock.

Personal story | 27 January 2016

The campaign encourages communities to Paint the Town Pink for a day, week, or month to promote breast awareness and raise funds for world-class breast cancer research projects. Led by the Preston Breast Cancer Now group with Linda Baldwin and Joan Marshall at the helm, Penwortham rallied together for an inspiring week-long event.

| 25 January 2016

Earlier this month we blogged about the proposals for how the Cancer Drugs Fund will operate from April 2016. Since then we’ve had details of how the drugs currently being funded through the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) will transition to the new system.

| 22 January 2016

On 4 January we launched our Now is good campaign. We’re bringing together fearless fundraisers, to unite and say now is the time to make our goal a reality – that if we all act now, by 2050, no one who develops breast cancer will die from it.

Here in the office, we celebrated the launch of the campaign with a day of fundraising activities. The day included some popular go-to choices for fundraising as well as some that were a little bit outside the box… but proved to be fundraising hits.

| 18 January 2016

We sometimes imagine a breast

| 18 January 2016

A nurse on the helpline pictured wearing a headset

A constant pain in the breast or armpit can be a possible symptom of breast cancer but breast pain mostly happens due to the breast tissue reacting to normal changes in hormones.

Healthcare Professional | 13 January 2016

This week, Chief Medical Officers announced new guidelines on alcohol consumption which suggest that drinking any level of alcohol increases the risk of a range of cancers. 

What the guidelines say

Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for England, Dame Sally Davies, along with the other UK CMOs, has published new recommendations, following the first full review in over 20 years. These came into effect on 8 January, but the wording of the guidelines is still open to comment until 1 April.

| 8 January 2016