Fay Field

In this episode, we’re talking to Fay, who talks about struggling with sex and intimacy in the months following her treatment.  

23 January 2020 Personal story

Winter super food salad

It's time to focus on healthy eating, with weight loss tips.

29 March 2016 Breast Cancer Now

Breastfeeding – an age old debate. With hosts of stories in the media wrangling with the pros and cons of breastfeeding, it can be difficult to remove the fact from the fiction. And while we know that there can be some important benefits for both mum and baby, the ‘breast is best’ message often leads to those who don’t breastfeed feeling unfairly judged.

23 March 2016

Find out more

Waiting for results from a breast clinic can be difficult at the best of times. The long Easter break can add to the wait and the worry. But our supportive online Forum is open 24 hours a day.

22 March 2016 Breast Cancer Now

Our corporate partner Mrs Crimble’s have been the official sponsor of Breast Cancer Now’s student fundraisers since 2013, providing branded merchandise and delicious gluten free treats to support their fundraising efforts.

As part of the sponsorship programme, in 2015 Breast Cancer Now and Mrs Crimble’s launched the Innovate Now scheme. This ‘Dragon’s Den’ style scheme offers university RAG societies the opportunity to compete for the prize of seed funding in order to deliver a more ambitious fundraising event than they would otherwise be able to.

18 March 2016

How do you thank 10,000 anonymous people for a completely selfless act?

16 March 2016

We’re looking for an enthusiastic, financially literate team-player to join our Board of Trustees and help us continue to be there for anyone affected breast cancer from day one.

16 March 2016 Personal story

Orange beach umbrellas

When you've had a breast cancer diagnosis, travel can be more complicated and sometimes more expensive, especially if you're going abroad.

16 March 2016 Breast Cancer Now

Back in August 2015, we featured comedian Alistair Barrie, who raised money for Breast Cancer Now with his show 'No More

14 March 2016

Training troubles

With just two months to go until my second Virgin Money London Marathon, my training has been a bit of a stop-start, love-hate affair.

A few months ago, I suffered a tendon problem in my right ankle which is still giving me problems. Luckily my biomechanics coach knows of my fundraising and is truly doing all he can to help me make it round the 26.2 miles through London.

11 March 2016