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However you’re experiencing breast cancer, we’re here. And we’ve been here for over 50 years. But we haven’t always been called Breast Cancer Now. The charity you see today is built on the amazing work of our founding charities. Here’s a brief rundown of our history.

Our history

  • 1973           

    After her own breast cancer diagnosis, Betty Westgate set out to support, connect and educate women about breast cancer. At a time when nobody wanted to talk about the disease, Betty created The Mastectomy Association from her home in Croydon.   

  • 1987           

    The Mastectomy Association changes its name to The Breast Care and Mastectomy Association of Great Britain.

  • 1988           

    The charity Breast Cancer Campaign launches with a mission to fund innovative, world-class research across the UK and Ireland. 

  • 1989           

    3 years after the actress Toby Robins died of breast cancer, her husband Bill Freedman set up the charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer in her memory. Its aim was to create a centre of excellence for research, where clinicians and scientists could work under one roof.  

  • 1994           

    The Breast Care and Mastectomy Association of Great Britain becomes Breast Cancer Care. 

  • 2015           

    Breast Cancer Campaign and Breakthrough Breast Cancer unite to become Breast Cancer Now.

  • 2019           

    Breast Cancer Now merges with Breast Cancer Care (keeping the name Breast Cancer Now) to bring together the power of world-class research and life-changing support.  

  • Today        

    We’re here for anyone affected by breast cancer. And we’re not stopping until everyone lives and lives well.    

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