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Today, we will wear it pink, raise money and help make changing breast cancer research and support happen! Will you join us?

Will you join us?

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Wear it pink is just around the corner, which means it’s time to dig out that pink outfit! 

There are plenty of ways to take part… but don’t just take it from us! Take a look at the different ways you could get involved in our new video. 

Why do we need you to wear it pink?

Breast cancer doesn’t stop for anything. This year, around 55,000 women and 370 men in the UK will hear the words ‘it’s breast cancer’ and around 11,500 women and 80 men will die from it.

You can help to create a future where all that changes. A future where people affected by breast cancer get to watch their children grow up. And create a lifetime of memories with the people they love. A future where there is more hope and less fear.

With your support, we believe we can create a future where, by 2050, everyone diagnosed by breast cancer lives – and is supported to live well.

With every bit of pink we wear, we’re making that future possible.

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month do something great – help make life-changing research and support happen.

A woman wearing it pink

People with breast cancer need us – and they need you too.

Because of lockdowns and restrictions in 2020, our researchers missed over 230,000 hours in their labs. That’s 230,000 hours where they couldn’t experiment, study breast cancer, and make breakthroughs. Despite these setbacks, we’re more determined than ever to reach our goal.

We know that with your support, we’ll get there. So if there was ever a time to wear it pink, that time is now. 

Jo wearing it pink under a tree
I wear it pink to honour those who sadly are no longer with us. Wear it pink is so important in a society where breast cancer is becoming one the most common cancers - early detections save lives!

Jo, wear it pink supporter

We'll support you to wear it pink

How we'll support you

Once you've registered, we'll send out your fabulous free fundraising pack, filled with lots of useful items that will help you make the most of your wear it pink day; inluding bunting, balloons, posters, a paying in slip and lots more! Please note this may take up to 10 working days to arrive.

If you have any questions or need any additional support planning your event, we're always here. You can call us on 0333 20 70 300 or email us at

Any questions?

If you’ve got any questions, need some inspiration or help planning your event, you can get in touch with the wear it pink team.