Unfortunately, hair loss can be a significant part of having breast cancer. Juliet chose to deal with losing her hair in a deeply powerful way. She tells us how making the decision was a positive choice and one that left her feeling in control.

Following her diagnosis in November 2015, Juliet knew she wanted to tackle breast cancer head on, and decided to have her head shaved.

Giving the ‘fingers-up’ to cancer

"The decision to get my head shaved rather than wait and see if the chemo would make my hair drop out was one that came almost instinctively. I had heard that some people try a cold cap to try and preserve the hair follicles under the skin, but hating anything cold on my head, I knew this wasn't for me!

"No, I was taking some small step of control in this huge chaotic existence my health was being exposed to because of breast cancer, and so were my most precious family members. When I got a response from my daughter Genevieve, saying I never ceased to amaze her and how we should set up a fundraising page and to use some of my husband Bob's photos of me, I knew I had made the right decision.

"I love how young people think and use computers so naturally as a way to achieve their goals. The fundraising page she helped me set up soon shot that rather ineffectual idea of me asking people individually to sponsor me out of the water!"

Genevieve's next question, "Who do you want to raise the money for, Macmillan or Breast Cancer Now?" was also easily answered, “Breast Cancer Now, because that's what I've got."

Taking control

"Making the decision to raise money for Breast Cancer Now by shaving my long hair became a very positive focus in my life. And boy, did I need one! I actually had control over this part of my life, setting the date and finding a suitable barbers willing to do the deed for me. Ashleys in Blandford was my chosen venue because the ladies in there were so welcoming and friendly. One of them also gave me the idea of donating my hair, due to its length and condition. Yet another reason to feel something good was coming out of the whole painful experience that breast cancer is.

"I invited friends and family to support me on the day, and it became something I was really looking forward to, especially as the donations on the Just Giving page kept growing!

"People’s comments also did me the power of good. When Hannah from Breast Cancer Now contacted me because she was so impressed with our Just Giving page, and asked if I would let two photographers come and film me on the day, I was amazed. 'Should I let them come and film my head shave?' I asked aloud so Bob could hear... his face gave me my answer and as he grinned I too began to smile and answered cheekily, 'why the eff not!'"

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