This is Linda. Ten years after diagnosis, she knows without research she wouldn’t be alive.

Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007. A fit and healthy woman in her forties, the shock of finding a lump as she was checking her breasts and discovering it was breast cancer was a lot to deal with. Linda underwent successful treatment, and now takes hormone therapy to help prevent the cancer returning.

Ten years on from her diagnosis, and Linda knows the importance of investing in research.

“I’m so happy to be here. It was a very difficult time, nobody can prepare you for that moment when you’re told you have breast cancer – but my friends and family were a big support,” says Linda.

She adds: “I’m proactive about helping Breast Cancer Now. My husband and I organise pub quizzes, afternoon teas and I’ve even run the London Marathon. I feel like I was lucky but there are many others who aren’t. I believe research is the only way we’ll stop people dying from breast cancer, but that takes money”.

Without research I wouldn't be alive.


Our research

Since 2004, our Generations study has found over 90 genetic changes which are linked to breast cancer.



To help save lives Linda is raising money to fund our research. Right now, we have nearly 380 world-leading breast cancer scientists working on over 85 cutting-edge projects aimed at finding those answers. Our scientists come from a wide range of disciplines. Some are biologists, others geneticists; some are expert statisticians and others are doctors, surgeons and psychologists. They are all working together to find ways to prevent, detect, treat and stop breast cancer.

But our research can’t continue without your support. To keep making discoveries we must invest at least £300 million in our life-saving research over the next 10 years.

Join Linda, raise money and save lives

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