Breast cancer and your mental health

Being diagnosed with breast cancer and having treatment can put pressure on your mental health. Whether you're worried about recurrence or struggling with anxiety or depression, our information and tips are here to support you.

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Ann looking out to sea
Though I had been warned about the common experience of feeling low after treatment, I was still unprepared for the feelings of grief and anxiety that flooded in once I was in a position to finally relax. 

Ann, Breast Cancer Now blogger

worried about reccurance

Anxious about recurrence?

Most people worry about breast cancer coming back (recurrence). These feelings are normal, and the fear and anxiety usually lessens with time. It can help to be aware of the symptoms of recurrence, and what to do if you have a concern.

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Tips from our breast care nurses

Our nurses deal with calls to the Helpline about mental health everyday. Read their tips looking at a range of ways to help manage your mental health, from getting a better night's sleep to dealing with moments when your worries feel out of control. 

depression, mental health and breast cancer

Depression and mental health

Our nurse Jane Murphy looks at mental health and breast cancer and provides information for support if you feel you are suffering from depression.

overcoming anxiety

10 ways to overcome anxiety

Senior Clinical Nurse Specialist Rachel Rawson explains how to spot the signs of anxiety, and explains some simple ways of coping and reducing it.

5 activities to try today

Five activities to try today

From walking to swimming, we look at five types of exercise that you may want to try after breast cancer treatment, with some expert tips to get you started.

Expert tips for sleeping

Expert tips for a better sleep

Stress and worry can stop you getting a good night’s sleep. Here are some expert tips to help.

Read personal stories of mental health and breast cancer

amanda mealing

After breast cancer, I began to avoid people

Actor and Breast Cancer Now ambassador Amanda Mealing struggled with the anxiety disorder PTSD after her breast cancer diagnosis. She explains why it’s so important to find the right emotional support for you.


Karin's tips on managing cancer anger

Karin was surprised at feeling angry after her diagnosis. She describes why she’s glad it came out, and gives her tips on managing it.


People don’t realise the emotional turmoil of cancer

Lucy discusses the difficult emotions she felt after her breast cancer diagnosis and how she manages them since she finished hospital treatment.

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coping emotionally

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Read our information on how to cope with the emotions you may experience during your breast cancer treatment.