To help you feel confident that you’re getting the best care, you may want to ask your treatment team:

  • to explain what your treatment options are, and why they’re recommending a particular drug or procedure for you
  • to explain the aim of your treatment
  • to go through the side effects you might get from your treatment and what you can do to help manage them
  • whether there are any additional options for you, including any new procedures or treatment at other centres where you could be referred to discuss these further
  • if there are any clinical trials you’d be eligible to take part in
  • whether a referral to an expert, such as a surgeon specialising in the liver, is appropriate
  • to go over the risks and benefits of each treatment they have recommended
  • what to do if you get new symptoms or side effects from your treatment
  • if you can see a specialist nurse to go over your plan, repeat information or explain any new terms to you

It’s important that you understand what’s happening and why.

Last reviewed: July 2019
Next planned review begins 2021

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