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Meet the real supporters making a difference

There are plenty of ways to take part in wear it pink, but don’t just take it from us! We’re so excited to introduce you to some of our wonderful supporters who featured in our new video.

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Wear it quietly

Hello, I’m Trudie. Earlier this year I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, by taking part in a photoshoot for wear it pink! After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017, I had a mastectomy followed by chemo and then radiotherapy.  

I have always loved hats and found them to be a great thing to wear when I had lost my hair due to chemotherapy. Not only did this keep my head warm but made me feel stylish! Read more about my story.  

I enjoyed taking part in the filming for the new wear it pink video and want to encourage people that you don’t have to wear a big pink costume to take part – you can take part however you feel comfortable! 

Trudie wearing a beret

Wear it loud

Hey, I’m Keith. I’m a Physics teacher by day and was flattered to be featured in this most recent campaign. Cancer can prematurely and painfully take away our family and friends and I was very excited and enthusiastic to be part of this great campaign.  

I will definitely be dyeing the moustache pink again for the month and thinking about how I integrate pink photons into a number of lessons! If you want to go for a bolder, more eye-catching look for your wear it pink event, Keith might be the perfect inspiration for you with his pink moustache! Every year, we really look forward to seeing people find new and creative ways to get involved in wear it pink. 

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Wear it in school

Hey, I’m Forough! In January 2022, I found a lump in my right breast which I ignored for around a month before visiting the GP in February half term. On the 15th March, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. A month later, a lumpectomy and removal of lymph nodes had taken place and I’m now in the process of having chemotherapy. Since filming for the wear it pink campaign, which I did the day after my second chemo cycle, I’ve lost my hair and am feeling very exhausted from the chemotherapy. 

I truly believe I was born to be a teacher and as soon as I start teaching a lesson, I turn into a different person full of joy and energy. I’m really looking forward to getting back to school after finishing my chemotherapy cycles and I’m planning to use my wear it pink pack at school after October half term.

See some helpful tips on holding a wear it pink event at school. 

Forough in a classroom wearing pink

Wear it at work

We can’t let you have all the fun… We absolutely love having a wear it pink event in the Breast Cancer Now office.

Last year we had lots of fun setting team challenges that we completed when we hit fundraising targets. Some favourites were a leader dyeing their hair pink, someone letting their daughter do their makeup and another taking their dog for a walk dressed in a pink costume! There are lots of fun ways to get your team involved in wear it pink. Find out more about how you can get involved at work .

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