Three women from the wear it pink team wearing fun accessories

Meet your wear it pink team

We love chatting with you and getting to hear your stories. Wear it pink wouldn’t be what it is without all your fantastic support. We’re super excited to be on this journey with you and thought it’d be a good idea to introduce the wear it pink team properly, so here goes!

Three women wearing pink props in the office
L-R: Ainan, Zoe, Kinie


Kinie manages wear it pink and is the leader of the pack. Kinie has worked in fundraising events for seven years so you’re in very good hands. She has trekked on the Great Wall of China and ran the London Marathon in 2021, so she has plenty of energy to lead this campaign. 

What are you mostly excited about for this year's wear it pink?

I’m excited for the big day and hearing about all the amazing things our supporters are getting up to for their wear it pink events, as well as getting involved in our own event with the team (we’ve yet to plan ours!) 

Most embarrassing moment?

I’m not very good at ice skating - I’m one of those people who holds on to the barriers and goes round clutching it. Last time I went, a group of kids came up and gave me a children’s skating aid penguin and said it looked like I needed it more than them - stranded on the rink with a penguin was very embarrassing! 

Imagine your perfect wear it pink day - what would be your chosen activity?

I think it would be a pink baking competition. I'd love to see how creative people could get with baking lots of different pink things! 


Ainan is in charge of ensuring your fabulous wear it pink events go as smoothly as possible. She previously worked in fundraising and marketing and gained experience in a lot of different areas. Ainan brings her data knowledge and enthusiasm and will certainly get stuck in to keep us all on track. 

Imagine your perfect wear it pink day - what would be your chosen activity?

I'm a big karaoke fan so I'd organise a sing-a-thon with my friends and family, maybe doing songs with pink in the title. 

Most embarrassing moment?

A recent embarrassing moment is I accidentally joined a park run. Last weekend I went for a jog at my local park and thought there were a lot of runners about. I filed in and happily jogged along until, to my surprise, I reached a finish line with people clapping. I awkwardly turned off the path because I’d only been running for five minutes and hadn’t earned it! 

What's the best pink item you own?

I have a small plant with pink leaves. The pot has a face so now the plant has grown it looks like the hair has got bigger and more unruly which I love! 


Most of you will speak to Zoe if you email the wear it pink team. Zoe has been with Breast Cancer Now since 2021 and has worked for wear it pink and the Community events team, so she has the best fundraising tips for you all. Zoe is the early riser in the team and can be found at first light lifting weights in the gym - she’s one strong girl. 

Imagine your perfect wear it pink day – what would be your chosen activity?

I’d organise a big party with all things pink and lots of dancing! I love taking anyopportunityI can to get dressed up and head onto the dance floor. 

Most embarrassing moment, Zoe?

I was a very confident child… and a lot of that confidence was captured on video! Last year for wear it pink, we dressed up as ‘pink punks’, which reminded me that I’d once dressed as Avril Lavigne for a school talent show and performed a song and dance. Showing this video to my colleagues was so funny but also very embarrassing! 

What’s the best thing about working for Breast Cancer Now?

I absolutely love getting to work alongside such wonderful and dedicated people and getting to know our amazing supporters. It’s fantastic seeing communities of families and friends come together to make a difference, in so many ways. 

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