Matched funding is a very simple idea – you get someone to agree to match the money you raise, usually pound-for-pound. This means that you could end up with up to double the donation you began with.

Talk to your manager about matched funding 

The most common form of matched funding is asking your manager, boss or company to match the fundraising you’ll raise from your wear it pink event. We recommend you chat with your boss about your fundraising plans well before the day to see if matched funding is something that your company can provide. 

It may be useful to plan what you’re going to say; this is the perfect opportunity to explain why you are choosing to take part in wear it pink and why you think it’s important to support breast cancer research and support. Then you simply just need to ask them if they would be happy to match your fundraising total or part of it. 

Find out about matched funding. Perhaps your company has a scheme to match the amount you raise. That’s double the money for no extra effort.

A wear it pink supporter

It doesn’t have to be pound-for-pound 

Once you’ve got the go ahead from your boss or manager, you can carry on as normal organising your fabulous wear it pink fundraising event. Keep in mind that your company might already have a policy for matched funding, so make sure you ask. 

Not all companies will be able to support you pound-for-pound or penny-for-penny, but they might be able to help by matching you up to a certain amount or matching 50% of what you fundraise. Any help is always appreciated, and every donation matters. 

Collecting the funds and paying in 

When your wear it pink event is over, it’s time to collect and pay in your donation. Your manager might need some proof of your donation to us which we’re more than happy to provide for you – just email us at or call us on 0333 20 70 300. 

Depending on what you or your employer prefers, you can either pay in the lump sum or pay it in two instalments. We’ll then send you out a certificate with the combined total of your fundraising for wear it pink! 

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