Business owner Nicola was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in 2019. She keeps a very positive outlook on life. She tries to be the person she was before cancer took over her life and body.

About me  

I’m 59 years old and I run my own business selling balloons. I have a grown-up son and daughter who are both happily settled with their partners, and I have a golden retriever called Bee who is also one of the loves of my life.  

Nicola and her daughter wearing pink
Nicola and her daughter

I always strive to be learning or doing something new  

I’m quite impulsive and willing to push myself into having a go at most things, even if they’re out of my comfort zone. I’m currently taking saxophone lessons which has been a lifetime ambition. 6 months ago, I started cold water swimming (without a wetsuit) both in the sea or in unheated pools. I also love to read.  

It’s been years since my diagnosis 

I’m now in my 5th year since being diagnosed straight with secondary breast cancer. 

The worst part for me is the affect it has had on my family and especially on my children. I would give anything for them not to be affected by cancer. 

We had a brilliant time at the shoot 

I wanted to be involved in the wear it pink shoot as I thought it would be a fun thing to do while also helping others. 

It was way out of my comfort zone as I hate having my picture taken generally. My daughter and I had a fab time, and it was so lovely to be able to do it together.  

Pink really stands out  

I think most people know to associate it with breast cancer. So, wearing pink attracts attention to the cause. My advice for any fundraiser is to have cake! (Might sound silly but it would certainly attract me…) 

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