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Our Golf Day for Breast Cancer Now is always our most popular fundraising event

Every year, Gourock golf club hosts a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Now – and it's always a huge success!

Every year, Gourock golf club hosts a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Now – and it's always a huge success! Fiona tells us what she loves so much about this special day.

Our flag competition is always a highlight

Gourock Golf Club has been running a Golf Day for Breast Cancer for over 10 years. We hold a number of charity events every September, and this one is a highlight. We save it for last and play it as a 'flag competition'. 

Since we started, the competition has grown year on year – with the exception of 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions. Even then, however, we still managed to raise £1,600.

In a normal year, we hold a mixed competition, with each team provided with a handicap and a pink flag. Once each team has reached their allocated shots, they place their pink flag in the ground. The flags are numbered, and the winning team is the one whose flag gets the furthest. Those who make the least progress along the course get the wooden spoon – or the Jelly Babies, in our case.

Breast Cancer Now provides excellent support

The event is organised by the ladies committee and is very popular. We mix the draw up and the husbands and wives, parents and children become very competitive to ensure they beat their opponents! There is a fee to enter per couple, and fines are imposed on the day (but we keep to a maximum of £5). Penalties include three putts, a lost ball, landing in a bunker, a penalty stroke, and three off the tee.

After the event, most participants stay for the meal and the auction which we hold in the club. We run a raffle and also sell Breast Cancer Now merchandise and cakes. The merchandise is great, and we've always had excellent support from staff at the charity.

The biggest challenge is always the weather, and we have been lucky over the last few years not to have to rearrange.

The best thing about this event is how successful it has been and continues to be. Everyone enjoys their day, and they know that taking part means they get to raise money for an excellent cause.


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