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Raising money for Breast Cancer Now helps keep my mum’s memory alive

Rich is running and cycling incredible distances to raise money for people like his mum, and he’s got some excellent tips for others who want to get involved.

Rich is running and cycling incredible distances to raise money for people like his mum, and he’s got some excellent tips for others who want to get involved. 

Every year I try to set my targets higher 

I lost my mum, Wendy, to secondary breast cancer five years ago, and taking part in events helps me keep her memory alive. With each new year or challenge, I try to set the bar a bit higher to generate more sponsorship - and I try to get involved in as many events as I can! 

In 2019, I took part in the Prudential Ride 100 and the wear it pink campaign. Then, in 2020, I took part in both the Virtual London Landmarks Half and the Virgin Virtual London (local) Marathon. I was also honoured to be part of the #TeamNow Campaign

This year, I am taking part in both the Run 100k and Cycle 300k challenges. 

I always have time to share fundraising advice 

When it comes to raising money, I turn to social media. It’s such a huge platform which is perfect for reaching so many people.  

For others looking to raise money, my best advice is to be active on social media. Get creative with it: update your story or create a blog, let others know how you’re getting on with your challenge.  

I see so many posts about fundraisers worrying about raising or asking for funds. However, you should never presume others don’t want to donate! Put your story out there and let others make the decision. Even if they just share your post, it may reach someone that is able to sponsor you, or even encourage someone to sign up themselves.  

We have a fantastic community of fundraisers; if people are unsure on ideas, I always say they can ask me or others for help and have a look at how they have raised funds.  

Raffles are a great way to generate sponsors, and you can often get people to donate excellent prizes. In the past, I was also able to let friends guess my marathon time and the nearest won the prize.  

If you want to get involved, make sure to pace yourself 

If you want to get involved in fitness challenges like I am doing, it’s important to plan your routes beforehand. I always find this helps and I become mentally prepared for the distance needed.  

I would also say you should run or cycle with someone else (COVID-19/government restrictions permitting) to take your mind off the challenge.   

You should make sure you have the right equipment and have carried out the relevant maintenance/safety checks. Plus, listening to your body is hugely important: you may need to take a rest day now and then. 

Lastly, have fun! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and enjoy the run or cycle ahead. Just know that you are raising vital funds and awareness for this fantastic charity. 


Feeling inspired by Rich's incredible fundraising feats? Why not have a go yourself! You don't have to do a sports challenge; we have fundraising ideas for everyone.

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