Meet Julie. She’s living with secondary breast cancer. Research is her hope.

Julie was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. Aged just 41, she went through six rounds of gruelling chemo and radiotherapy. But despite all the treatment, less than 18 months later, doctors found Julie’s cancer had spread to her liver, lungs and bones – what’s known as secondary breast cancer – and had become incurable.

“Research has allowed me to have a good quality of life and be an active mum with my kids. I don’t know how long I’ll have left with my family but I live in hope that research will come along and help me again”.

Every year, 11,500 women and 80 men die from breast cancer – almost all of them because the breast cancer has spread around the body.

I grasp each day and hope that science and research will come along and help me, that’s what I wait for.


When she’s not out being an adventurous mum with her two kids, Julie is helping to save lives and make sure women like her get precious extra time to live.

“There’s a real problem with people not being able to be given the drugs they need to help them live better and longer with secondary breast cancer. So, whether it’s signing a petition or writing to my MP, I support Breast Cancer Now’s campaigning work because it makes sure people like me get the treatments that research worked so hard to discover”.

Our research

In 2012 we launched the UK’s first national breast cancer tissue bank, which is contributing to new discoveries.


Through our research we’re determined to find the answers we need to prevent breast cancer, detect it earlier, treat it better and stop it spreading to other parts of the body and taking lives. And we’re campaigning to make sure the research breakthroughs we make in the labs reach the patients who so desperately need them.

Campaign to help save lives

Join Julie and the thousands of others campaigning to save lives by ensuring access to the best treatments and care for all breast cancer patients. We campaign to stop women dying from breast cancer and make sure that everyone affected by breast cancer receives the best possible treatment and services. It’s really easy to get involved and just a few minutes of your time could make a real difference.

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