Family history risk screening

6 June 2023

#ModerateRisk #familyhistory Complete a survey to share your experience of being assessed as moderate risk and going for yearly breast cancer...


Attitudes towards the side effects of chemotherapy

6 August 2023

#Patient&Carer #Chemotherapy Fill in a survey to help researchers understand how social and economic factors affect people’s knowledge of...


Accessing GP or cancer services during the pandemic

#Covid-19  Have you been diagnosed with breast cancer or experienced any breast cancer symptoms during the Covid-19 pandemic? This study aims...


Help researchers trial a new blood test that could detect secondary cancer early

#ER+ #HER2- #HormoneTherapy Help researchers who are hoping to see if a blood test can detect breast cancer recurrence early by looking for cancer...


Informing future generations to live a healthy lifestyle

#Patient&Carer Our Future Health wants to build a community who will provide health information to inform and help future generations to live...


Emotional wellbeing in women diagnosed with cancer

13 May 2023

#PersonalDiagnosis #Treatment<18Months Complete a survey to help researchers understand how cancer can affect your relationship with yourself,...