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Complete our survey to help us understand what kind of resources would most help you with talking to children about breast cancer.

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What’s the project?

Breast Cancer Now is currently updating its information on talking to children about breast cancer for parents and grandparents. We would like to understand what resources parents and grandparents would like to help them talk to their children/grandchildren.

We currently have online information and a printed booklet. We’re exploring whether parents/grandparents would find information in video format useful. 

Why do you want me to be involved?

Your involvement will help us to discover:

  • If videos would be useful for parents and grandparents in speaking to their children/grandchildren about breast cancer
  • Whether information aimed at adults or children would be most useful 
  • What type of video would be most useful

What will you ask me to do?

We would like to hear from parents or grandparents through a survey. Your answers will help us to find out whether video content would be useful, and what type of video content would be best to help parents and grandparents talk to their children/grandchildren about breast cancer. 

Who can take part?

Parents or grandparents who have experience of talking with your children/grandchildren about breast cancer. 

Who’s organising it?

Megan (Editor in Breast Cancer Now's Health Information team)

When’s the deadline?

7 October 2022 

How do I get involved?

Please fill out our survey 

Closing date

Friday, October 7, 2022 - 23:45