Breast Cancer Now’s Unlock Kadcyla campaign is in the running for two Scottish Charity Awards. Lawrence Cowan, our Policy and Campaigns Manager in Scotland, explains why we need your vote.

Thursday 18 May 2017      Policy and campaigns blog
Scottish Kadcyla campaigners - Lesley, Lesley, Alison, Anne

Scottish Kadcyla campaigners - (left to right) Lesley, Lesley, Alison and Anne

Our ground-breaking Unlock Kadcyla campaign has been nominated for the coveted Cracking Campaign Award at the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) ceremony in June. As finalists we’re also up for the People’s Choice Award and we need your vote!

We've all signed a petition before and the fact is there are lots of brilliant campaigns out there. So why should you pick ours?

Here are three reasons to vote for the Unlock Kadcyla campaign to win a Scottish Charity Award.

1. It changed the face of treatment for HER2 positive secondary breast cancer in Scotland

This campaign was a “game-changer”. Before the Unlock Kadcyla campaign, women in Scotland struggled to access this revolutionary targeted drug and the hope it brings. Now, Kadcyla is available to all who need it on our NHS.

2. Four inspirational women made it happen

Four incredible women drove this campaign: Lesley Stephen, Lesley Graham, Anne Maclean-Chang and Alison Tait. All of them have incurable secondary breast cancer. At the same time as battling this devastating disease they took on a global pharmaceutical giant and the Scottish drug approval body to help other women; and they won!

3. It has given families hope

Thanks to Unlock Kadcyla, families affected by HER2 positive secondary breast cancer up and down Scotland will have hope of more quality time together. That means extra Christmases, wedding anniversaries or birthdays; those priceless memories that will last beyond a lifetime. Not many campaigns can claim to have done that.

The Scottish Charity Awards are like the Oscars of the Scottish charity world. To be nominated is an achievement, to win would be incredible. But we can’t do it without you. So please help us win by voting for Unlock Kadcyla!

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