Meet Chantele. Her children still have a mum for one main reason - breast cancer research.  

Chantele was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. She was in her early forties and otherwise fit and healthy, the diagnosis came as a complete shock. Following treatment life began to get back to normal. Until a year later in 2014, after many rounds of tests, Chantele’s worst fears were confirmed when she was told secondary breast cancer had spread to her lung, lymph nodes, neck and chest.

But there was hope when she began taking Kadcyla a life-extending secondary breast cancer drug.

I take it every three weeks and the results have been incredible! The lump in my neck went down immediately and amazingly the cancer has disappeared from everywhere apart from a pinprick in my lung.


Hope for tomorrow

Breast Cancer Now is the largest UK charity dedicated to funding research solely into breast cancer. Much of our research focusses on finding new live-saving treatments like Kadcyla. We’ve revolutionised the way breast cancer is treated through the discovery of targeted drugs with fewer side effects and improved surgery and radiotherapy options.

We are funding nearly 380 scientists across the UK and Ireland and we’re determined to find the answers needed to prevent breast cancer, detect it earlier, treat it better and stop it spreading to other parts of the body and taking lives.

Getting treatment to patients

Alongside working tirelessly to make sure that new drugs are being researched, developed and tested we also campaign to save lives by ensuring access to the best treatments and care for all breast cancer patients. Thanks to our campaigning work, innovative drugs like Kadcyla are giving women, like Chantele with secondary breast cancer, precious extra time with their families.

How you can help save lives

Our regular newsletter shares news about our research and campaigning and offers you ways to get involved and help save lives. By 2050 we want everyone who develops breast cancer to live and live well but we can only do this if we all act now.

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