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We're the breastketeers and this is our story

Sam, Jo and Suzy had children who were in the same class at school and had met their husbands in the same nightclub. They were also diagnosed with breast cancer within 4 months of each other. They went on to support each other through their breast cancer journeys.

We brought laughter, humour, positivity and of course many tears along the way  

But we were united and in this together, ‘all for one’. There was no other name for us – we just had to call ourselves The ‘3’ breastketeers. 

It sounds really cheesy, but it was just like the universe had brought us together for each other. Once we all got chatting more, we discovered we weirdly had more things in common; we all had children who were born in October, we all met our husbands in the same night club and all of our fathers had cancer too. 

Each of us brought something different to our little team whilst we shared the scan anxieties and the realisation of what was ahead. We went on to have our chemo, radiotherapy and surgeries with each other, and the support was incredible. This unique journey led to us to setting up an Instagram page called ‘The Breastketeers,’ where we shared our experiences and now raise breast cancer awareness and fundraise. 

During lockdown, we used the time to raise money for Breast Cancer Now and our local breast cancer unit 

We came up with the idea of having t-shirts and bags printed, and we donated 100% of the profits to our chosen charities. We ended up raising around £2,000 from this and other events that were held on our behalf. 

Breast Cancer Now has been very helpful throughout our journey. We attended the Younger Women Together course in London, which was a turning point for us all, and we later attended a Moving Forward course which helped us immensely to transition from in-patient to out-patient. 

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We want to help others going through breast cancer  

Taking part in the wear it pink campaign seems like a natural progression for us to 'spread the word' about how living with breast cancer really is. If we can help others in a similar situation, then we will. Wear it pink is so important in a society where breast cancer is sadly becoming one the most common cancers. 

All for one and one for all, united we stand.

Will you stand with us this October and wear it pink with The Breastketeers?

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