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Faye at an event

I can’t get enough of volunteering

Faye is a midwife and has 3 boys with her husband Nathan. A volunteering superstar, Faye gets involved in several of our roles. We asked Faye why she volunteers and what she enjoys most.

Why did you decide to volunteer? 

After my diagnosis, Breast Cancer Now was my go-to for any support. So, I wanted to give something back and help people affected by breast cancer. I try to find a positive in every situation and volunteering helps me tick that box. 

There was never a question that I wanted to help the charity. I love how Breast Cancer Now is ‘the full package.’ Its services offer support where it’s most needed. And then there’s its endless research, campaigning, and reputable information. 

Which volunteer role did you sign up for? 

I began volunteering in September 2023, and I now have a variety of roles. I help out with some of Breast Cancer Now’s support services, including Someone Like Me, Moving Forward and Younger Women Together, and I update hospital information points. 

I get involved with the Pink Ribbon Ball and Tickled Pink campaign and I’m part of Breast Cancer Voices. As part of the Voices network, I’ve been a patient advocate at the UKIBCS (UK Interdisciplinary Breast Cancer Symposium). 

This year, I’m going to volunteer at one of the Pink Ribbon Walks, and I’m thinking about applying for Here for You and Public Speaker roles. I never intended on doing so much but I love all the roles. They don’t take up too much time and they just slot in with my life. 

Faye in a car park wearing a pink tutu skirt

What's been your favourite thing about volunteering so far? 

I love making a difference to people who are going through a difficult time. 

And I’ve met some amazing volunteers and staff through the charity. It feels like a family. 

What's been your biggest surprise about volunteering with us? 

I’ve never had a continuous volunteer role before. I’d always told myself it would take up so much time in my busy life, but it really doesn’t. 

I’m in control of when and where I choose to volunteer, and Breast Cancer Now is so supportive, appreciative, and flexible in making it work for me. It’s something I’ve never experienced in employment, so it really surprised me. 

The variety of volunteer roles at Breast Cancer Now has surprised me too. It never gets repetitive, and I look forward to each session, meeting, or phone call. I can’t get enough of it. 

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